Cancer Specialist in Delhi & Gurugram

Dr. Priya Tiwari

Sr. Consultant, Medical Oncologist
Artemis Hospital, Gurugram
Vivekanand Arogya Kendra, Gurugram

I am a qualified Medical Oncologist ( Cancer Specialist in Delhi and Gurgaon ) . I did my Post-Graduation in Internal Medicine and Specialisation Degree in the field Oncology(Cancer) from AIIMS,Delhi which is India's premier institute. My aim is to provide holistic, compassionate and complete care to cancer patients. I offer treatment that can control and cure cancers.

Why come to me?
  • For evidence based treatment customized to the general condition and treatment expectation of the patient.
  • To get your queries addressed in a simple,friendly language which gives clarity and helps in making informed treatment decisions.
  • Expert training from India's premiere institute in chemotherapy,immunotherapy and targeted therapy.​
  • Expertise in diagnosing and treating various cancers (please refer my services page for a better and detailed understanding)
  • Practice of 10 years in medical oncology.


Recognition as a Corona Warrior

Serving patients is a Doctor's duty but being recognised for it is a Doctor's joy. Heartfelt gratitide for the recognition as a corona warrior.

Gold Medal in MBBS

Dr. Priya Tiwari received Gold Medal in MBBS from Manmohan Singh at Banaras Hindu University

Awarded a Best Medical Oncologist in Gurgaon

On 17 th November 2019, Dr. Priya Tiwari was awarded as the Best Medical Oncologist in Gurgaon. The event was organized by Plugin PR and Marketing at Hotel Vivanta by Taj, New Delhi to felicitate medical professionals for their special contribution in various fields.

Awards and Honours

Dr. Priya Tiwari did her MBBS from Banaras Hindu University and received Gold medal for securing maximum marks in final MBBS exam.

Brand Icon of the year 2019

Awarded Brand Icon of the year 2019 for her great contribution in the filed of oncology.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not clichéd advice when doctors recommend you to be more active in your everyday life. This is not just to maintain your weight but that is also because a balanced weight will prevent the risks of Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer doctors in Delhi also recommend the longer you breastfeed, the higher the protection you get from the risks of getting Breast Cancer. These have been suggested after a number of tests and research being carried out. Your everyday life has a major impact on the health of your body, even a little goes a long way. While there are many diets that will come and go as mere fads, it is important for you to identify the needs of your body and have a balanced diet. This will help you control a wide range of problems like cholesterol, heart problems, diabetes, etc. to list a few.

Owing to the awareness and research being done for the prevention and early detection of Breast Cancer by doctors in Delhi, it is possible for everyone to conduct a breast cancer exam for themselves at home. Regular self-examination can lead to early detection and treating it successfully. These are the three steps for your self-examination:

  • The first obvious signs of Breast Cancer can be detected from the shape, size and colour of the breasts. If you do notice something out of the ordinary, you should look out for any abnormal swelling or distortion to the shape.
  • You have to then raise your arms and check for any fluid from the nipples. It can be yellow, blood or even milky. Another major sign of breast cancer is inverted nipples, instead of pointing outward.
  • You then have to lie down and check for any lumps.

This is a debatable answer because it all depends on what stage the doctor detected Ovarian Cancer. It also depends on what kind of cancer you have, other medical problems that you may be going through and the stage you are in; all play a role in determining how quickly you will recover from Ovarian Cancer. The kind of treatment you get is also a major factor that will start playing a role in your journey. It is always better when the cancer is regional rather than distant, where it is suspended in different parts of the body. Ovarian cancer is definitely curable but it is the procedure, time and how you get your treatment done. Getting medical treatment for any disease or problem is stressful. This is why you have to ensure that you are comfortable with whoever is giving you treatment.

Determining the stage of any cancer means that your doctor will try to determine if cancer has spread and to what degree it has spread in your body. It is contained in one area and has not spread much. It is called localised cancer. These are a lot easier to cure and you have a high chance of survival. However, if cancer has spread, it is called distant. There is a lot of chance of survival in these situations as well. However, the treatment options may get limited and extremely strenuous. Only your Ovarian Cancer specialist in Delhi will be able to give you a proper diagnosis of what stage of cancer you are in. However, the general analysis that is done determines the range of your cancer from Stage I (1) to Stage IV (4). It also needs to be understood that everyone’s cancer is different and may require different treatment

While smoking is the biggest cause of Lung Cancer, there are many other lifestyle problems that can cause lung cancer. Non-smokers do not automatically become immune to this disease. It is possible to get lung cancer from second-hand smoke as well. If you have had exposure to repeated radiation therapy due to any other type of cancer in your chest, your chances of developing lung cancer increase significantly. Lung cancer specialists in Delhi do want to put a lot of focus on workplace hazards and talk about the increased risks of lung cancer if you work in an environment that has exposure to radon gas, which is released in the air as a result of uranium reacting with the soil and breaking down. Many other industries cause exposure to asbestos and other cancer-causing substances like arsenic, chromium and nickel. Family medical histories also play a significant role in our lives.

You need to consult a Lung Cancer doctor in Delhi as soon as you notice that there is constant shortness of breath that you are experiencing. This is especially for people who smoke a lot because this is one of the biggest side effects of smoking. Your body is able to adapt to it in the beginning, but not for long. This can also cause you to cough up blood. There are many treatments to stop this bleeding but this is a clear indication of the lung lining being affected. You cannot ignore these issues and have to consult with a lung cancer specialist in Delhi. Your chances of recovery are extremely high when the cancer is still localised. This is why there is so much attention to premature screening and treatment of any and all cancers. The different stages just define the extent to which cancer has spread.

A Kidney Cancer specialist in Delhi will be able to give you the exact details of the spread, extent, location and possible treatments of your Kidney Cancer. But there are some symptoms that you have to look out for. If there is blood in your urine, or lower back pain (not related to an injury) or more so, if you have a lump on your side or lower back, you need to go to a Kidney Cancer doctor in Delhi. A sudden and drastic loss in weight and a fever that does not go away at all are tell-tale signs of a serious medical condition, which cannot be ignored. However, all the diagnosis needs to come from your consulting doctor alone.

Stomach cancer specialists in Delhi have agreed that one of the first signs of Stomach Cancer can range from a severe loss of appetite and weight loss (without any reason). You may also feel some discomfort in your stomach, especially around the navel area. There are many tell-tale signs like yellowing eyes, constant fatigue along vomiting with or without blood. These are serious signs of infection and cancer as well that need to be diagnosed as soon as possible. You will also have a fever here that may not even go down, which will add to your fatigue and nausea.

Simply put, cancer is an abnormal or uncontrolled growth of cells in your body that can be caused by a variety of reasons. Your body is always making new cells and discarding the old ones. This is how the body grows and heals itself, depending on your metabolism and many other factors simultaneously work together to work on your body every day. Doctors are able to detect when cancer has been developed the older cells do not die and get discarded as they normally would have.

Cancer cells can develop from a variety of sources and reasons. It is true that your genes play a major role in developing cancer-causing cells, but your lifestyle can have a direct impact on your health too. For example, smoking is the biggest reason for lung cancer in almost all its patients. Your lifestyle may also include things that are not in your control at all. You may get exposed to a cancer-causing environment that contains a lot of harmful agents. It could be where you work, where you live or any other aspect.

Different kinds of cancers are very common today and can be of varying nature. However, cancer specialists are yet to develop a complete “cure” for the disease. There are many treatments that will work to reduce the growth of the cells, to finally stop their growth. Cancer specialists in Gurgaon have seen significant results from various treatments. It is possible to cure cancer of these treatments completely and go back to completely normal life as well. Some of these treatments are surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant and many others.

Like any other virus or bacteria in the body, cancer-causing cells can travel within the body too. This process for cancer-causing cells is called metastasis. It can travel through the bloodstream or even through the lymph system. They need a way through which they can travel easily. This is also what will add complications to your case. This is what allows cancer to spread and it may also take time for its symptoms to show up. You will have to get tested again and see the extent to which cancer has spread.

All cancers develop in the cells of the body first. Therefore, it is an internal issue that will soon show signs in a physical manner. This is why cancer doctors in Delhi emphasize not ignoring any strange growth or lumps in your body. They are the most obvious signs of cancer development. These lumps get created as a result of the accumulation of the old cells that the body is now unable to get rid of. They tend to crowd around the newer, growing cells that can cause abnormalities in the normal functioning of your body.

Since there are many treatments that are subjective to what is the cause of your cancer, where it is, what type and whether or not your body can recover from these strong treatments or not. Yes, this is a complicated process. This is why you need to go to cancer specialists alone. They are the only ones who can advise you on how to prevent cancer. All you can do is eat healthily and exercise regularly. These basic steps in your daily life can go a long way.

As older cells do not get removed from the body, they begin to crowd around the new cells and prevent your body from functioning as it normally would have. This can develop anywhere in the body and it is treated usually from where it has originated. The situation amplifies for most cancer specialists in Delhi as well when cancer becomes a mixture of many diseases together. This is why we need good cancer specialists in Delhi because cancer is such a complex disease.

Certain cancers do have a genetic component. However, the various treatments available with cancer specialists in Gurgaon as well as its limitations because there is a certain limit to which the treatments will also work as well. It is still possible to reduce cancer cells or tumours, even in the case of hereditary cancers. Continuing on that journey is the only way of curing these cancers. There are many other factors that may have aggravated an already hereditary cancer.

There are roughly four stages in each type of cancer. Each stage depends on the extent to which cancer has spread and the degree to which it can hamper your body. Cancer doctors in Delhi are skilled enough to deal with complicated cases and ensure that you still have a quality of life. However, the stages can increase with time and the extent of the problem in the body. When the cancer is small and concentrated in one place, it is considered to be in the first two stages.

Medicine over the years has found new cancers and their treatments as well. There are over a hundred different types of cancers known to us. There are different types of lung cancer, different types of blood cancer, etc. These also depend on a lot of factors like your race, gender, ethnicity, etc. For example, breast cancer can only affect women. So, it really depends on how many cancers are you actually exposed to. It is always possible to discover new kinds of cancers and their causes as well.

The general advice of eating healthy and exercising at least four times a week is an important one. Cancer is also the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. If you are a chain smoker or have been exposed to tobacco for a long time, you are bound to have a diverse effect on your health. However, there is also a genetic factor involved in this process and where you live as well. Lung cancer or any other cancer is also an effect of where you live. Cancer-causing cells are an increasing concern of our daily lives.

Now that there is so much awareness and so many options available to people for treating cancer now. This also ensures that people are more and more aware of the symptoms and signs of different kinds of cancers. If you do see any lumps and odd discolouration anywhere in your body. These are the clearest signs of cancer in your body. However, there are many tests that will determine the actual nature and extent of your cancer. Cancer doctors in Gurgaon will also run some blood tests to locate cancer.

Cancer is definitely not a contagious disease. It can be genetic in some cases but is not contagious. You do not inherit cancer. You inherit the possible cells that may cause cancer. Cancer is only caused internally because of abnormal growth of the cells and an improper discharge of these older cells. The treatment for cancer is also targeted to be treated in a particular area, in particular. This is why radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery- All are internal procedures that have a minimal abrasion of the skin.

Cancer is caused by an uncontrollable growth of cells in the body that will accumulate around the newer, growing cells. This can cause abnormal growth in the skin. You may also notice a significant growth in the white blood cells in your blood tests. This is not a normal range of white blood cells because there cannot be such a big jump in their count. All these are indicators of potential cancer in the body. An oncologist or any cancer specialist is the only person who can actually determine the extent of any cancer in the body.

There is no single amount that can determine when you may be at risk for lung cancer. Your lung cells may be able to cope with the sudden increase in tobacco intake. However, that will stop after some time and the lung cells will not be able to grow newer cells to replace the damaged ones. Smoking is one of the biggest reasons for lung cancer and many other complications.


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