Lung Cancer Doctor In Delhi

Lung Cancer Doctor In Delhi

What are the first signs of lung cancer?

A persistent cough or pneumonia is seldom an early symptom of lung cancer. Some common signs of lung cancer are as follows :

  • Cough that gets worse or doesn’t go away
  • Rust-colored sputum or blood in cough
  • Hoarseness
  • Loss of appetite and sudden weight loss
  • Feeling weak or tired
  • Shortness of breath

These symptoms can vary depending on where the lung cancer starts. Also, it depends on the stage of cancer. Hence, you must quickly consult your doctor if you notice any signs that may worry you.

What are the types of lung cancer?

Different cancer can affect the lungs. But typically, there are two types of lung cancers, NSCLC and SCLC :

  • Non-small cell lung cancer is the typical type of cancer that acts similarly to squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma. And the treatment includes surgery, chemo, radiation, targeted, and immunotherapies.
  • Small cell lung cancer - This one grows more rapidly, and the cure is difficult compared to NSCLC. Also, it may spread to other body parts. And the treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or combined treatment based on the patient’s condition.
Lung Cancer Doctor In Delhi

How is lung cancer caused?

Lung cancer occurs with the division of abnormal cells. And these cells keep multiplying and get into the blood or lymph nodes, spreading and damaging other body parts. The exact cause of these changes in the body is still not known. But consuming tobacco and smoking may increase your risk of lung cancer. So, here are some risk factors for lung cancer:

  • Smoking tobacco stuff, cigarettes, cigars, or pipes is the biggest cause of this illness.
  • Exposure to second-hand smoke.
  • Gone through any radiation treatments to the chest
  • Family history
  • Exposure to harmful particles like radon, asbestos, uranium, silica, diesel exhaust, air pollution, coal products, etc.
  • Besides, vaping is another possible cause of lung cancer.

However, 20% of patients diagnosed with lung cancer are non-smokers. Hence, you must consult your doctor or a specialist if you have any concerning signs.

When do you need to see a lung cancer doctor?

You must immediately check with your doctor if you notice any symptoms of lung cancer. Besides, if you smoked or smoked in the past, you must go for a check-up & tests for lung cancer. Also, you should seek reliable medical advice and assistance. Proper diagnosis is crucial to get the right cure. Hence, you can reach out to Dr. Priya Tiwari. She is the best lung cancer doctor in Delhi, with more than ten years of experience. And she has expertise in chemo, radiation, targeted, and immunotherapies. Dr. Tiwari precisely diagnoses your illness and provides the best line of treatment with favorable outcomes. Therefore, if you wish to see a lung cancer doctor in Delhi, then Dr. Priya Tiwari is right for you.

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Is lung cancer very curable?

There is no exact answer to the question. It mainly depends on your cancer type, age, and cancer stage. Your lung cancer type and stage will determine the treatment you receive. The cure rate is high if you are in the early stage of cancer. When lung cancer is detected early, 80 to 90 percent of cases are curable. As cancer progresses, however, the curable rate drops significantly. But Inoperable lung cancer is a kind of lunch cancer that is not curable. This type of cancer usually spreads out of your lungs, making it difficult to treat. Dr. Priya Tiwari has years of experience providing effective and tailored lung cancer treatment for the people of Delhi.

Does lung cancer spread quickly?

Lung cancer also grows rapidly, like ovarian cancer. Besides, the survival rate of lung cancer is low if it reaches to high stage. It is important to detect lung cancer early to get effective treatment. Lung cancer can move or spread quickly to the tissues of the patients too. The liver, brain, bones, and adrenal glands are the most common sites of lung cancer metastasis. If you have any symptoms of lung cancer, you should contact the lung cancer doctor in Delhi. Lung cancer can be cured if it is diagnosed and treated early.

How long does lung cancer take from Stage 1 to 4?

The early stage of lung cancer does not show any significant symptoms. Even lung cancer patients can live for years without knowing they have lung cancer. But the type of lung cancer determines the growth rate of cancer. Researchers have found that lung cancer may double in size between 229 and 647 days. It is also possible that the lung cancer progress may take only a few weeks or months to grow. If you have detected lung cancer, you should go for the best lung cancer doctor in Delhi.

Ovarian Cancer Specialist in Delhi
Ovarian Cancer Specialist in Delhi

Does lung cancer show up in blood tests?

No, you cannot detect lung cancer through a blood test. But blood test can help you get your overall health condition. It can help to determine whether you should go for further tests. An x-ray of your lungs can be a great way to detect lung cancer. Besides, You can also perform a CT scan to help you detect small lesions. A sputum sample can sometimes reveal lung cancer cells if you're coughing and making sputum. Do not worry if you cannot decide what to do. Dr. Priya Tiwari will provide the right consultation for your health condition and symptoms.

Why do non-smokers get lung cancer?

Other factors contribute to lung cancer besides smoking. For example, drinking alcohol, air pollution, radon, pipes, family history, and cigars can also cause lung cancer. The risk of lung cancer increases when you breathe polluted or contaminated air.

According to recent reports, radiation is the second leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. To prevent lung cancer, you should avoid smoking and breathe fresh air. With years of experience, Dr. Priya Tiwari is providing effective and tailored lung cancer treatment to the people of Delhi.

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How does lung cancer start?

Lung cancer starts when normal cells in the lungs change or mutate, which hampers healthy cells and their natural growth. And the major cause of lung cancer is cigarette smoking. Also, this illness can occur due to tobacco, secondhand smoke, and exposure to substances like asbestos or radon. People having a family history of lung cancer can also get this illness. Besides, it may take years to develop lung cancer to be diagnosed. But signs can arise, like chest pain, cough getting worse, etc. Thus, you must not ignore any such signs and consult your doctor for further diagnosis.

Is lung cancer painful?

Common lung cancer signs are coughing, chest pain, fatigue, vomiting, and deep breathing. And constantly coughing can cause pain in the chest, shoulders, and sometimes your back. Also, the pain depends on the stage of your cancer. The advanced stage of lung cancer spreads to other body parts and causes pain. Besides, getting early diagnosis and treatment can result in less painful lung cancer. So, it is best to pay attention to all initial symptoms and reach out to a physician. Also, you can consult Dr. Priya Tiwari, a leading lung cancer surgeon in Delhi, and get the best lung cancer cure.

How to avoid lung cancer?

You can take some preventative steps to avoid or reduce the risk of getting lung cancer. So, check out the following points :

  • The most crucial step is not to start smoking or quit smoking if you already do.
  • Avoid secondhand smoke and go for smoke-free options.
  • High radon levels can be a cause of lung cancer. So, check radon levels at your place and fix them to make your home or workplace safer.
  • Avoid exposure to toxic chemicals and carcinogens.
  • Besides, a healthy diet includes fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and nutrients. Also, include daily exercise or at least 4-5 days a week.

What food is not good for lung cancer?

You must avoid foods that may not be good for lung cancer and trigger side effects during the treatment. So, avoiding acidic or spicy foods, greasy and fried foods, and high-fat foods is advisable. Besides, you must cut down on high-fiber foods and starchy vegetables. And it is better to avoid added sugar, processed foods, and saturated fats.

What is the best way to survive lung cancer?

The best way to survive lung cancer is early diagnosis. So, lung cancers that are detected in the earliest stages are most likely to be treatable. Hence, you must not ignore any early signs and reach out to the doctor. Also, it is crucial to consult a lung cancer specialist with wide experience. Dr. Priya Tiwari is the best lung cancer doctor in Delhi, with a good track record of successfully handling severe lung cancer cases. Therefore, if you have any issues or symptoms, consult her soon. And get the right diagnosis, and cure, and ensure the highest chances of surviving your cancer.

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