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most check for tongue cancer at home

How do you check for tongue cancer at home?

  • Check your face, head, and neck by standing in front of the mirror. So, look for the lumps, sores, or swelling on the side of your neck or face. Also, you may feel some sort of asymmetry.
  • Next, pull your upper lips and check the gums and lips. Or there may be red and white patches or spots present.
  • Do a palate test. So, check for some spots, dark areas, or lumps. Also, move your fingers along your palate to perform the test.
  • • Check the color and texture of your tongue.

So, stay watchful of such signs and contact the tongue cancer specialist in Delhi. Consult Dr.Priya Tiwari, one of the best experts for treating even the critical cancer cases.

What are the symptoms of tongue cancer

Seek the best tongue cancer specialist in Delhi to the earliest if you have any of the following symptoms-

  • A patch may be red or white on the tongue that doesn't heal
  • Ulcer and a lump on the tongue that persists
  • Pain while swallowing
  • Numbness in mouth
  • Sore throat
  • Bleeding from the tongue
  • A harsh or rough voice
  • Trouble in moving jaw or tongue
tongue cancer symptoms

What is the first stage of tongue cancer?

A tongue cancer in the first stage may look like a pinkish-red lump. Also, there may be soreness on the sides of the tongue margins. And you may not be able to feel it. It doesn't go away or heal with time. But, treatment of stage one tongue cancer is possible by chemo, radiation therapy, or surgery. So, cancer at this stage has a good chance of survival. Besides, it depends on each patient's condition as well. Thus, confer with Dr. Priya Tiwari, one of the leading tongue cancer specialists in Delhi, for the best diagnosis and recovery.

tongue cancer causes

What are the causes of tongue cancer?

Tongue cancer is not as typical as other cancers. Also, it is more common in older adults. So, some of its causes are-

  • Smoking and excessive use of tobacco; Smokers are five times more likely to suffer from cancer than non-smokers.
  • Consuming too much alcohol
  • Jagged teeth
  • Not taking proper care of teeth and gums
  • HPV

Reach out to a doctor for proper tests and know your condition well. Also, initially seeking a doctor's advice can help you save from this deadly disease.

Is tongue cancer curable?

Yes. Indeed, early diagnosis leads to better outcomes. So, if you reach the best tongue cancer specialist in Delhi, you can expect a good recovery. Thus, don't ignore any lump, sore, or ulcer on your tongue that persists for a longer period. Besides, tongue cancer may spread to other body parts, such as the head and neck. So, it can become severe if you ignore it or somehow do not diagnose it on time. Dr.Priya Tiwari offers the best treatment options suitable for each patient. Contact her instantly for your well-being and rapid cure.

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