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most common head and neck cancers

What are the most common head and neck cancers?

Cancer can grow in different parts of the body. And it can form tumors that can be cancerous or may not have much harmful effect. Also, head and neck cancers are deadly tumors that may develop around the nose, throat, sinuses, larynx, and mouth. And the most common head and neck cancer is squamous cell carcinoma. Often it may happen due to a history of smoking or exposure to HPV. Dr. Priya Tiwari is the best head and neck cancer specialist in Delhi. Hence, you can contact her for the correct cancer diagnosis and cure.

What are the warning signs of head and neck cancer?

Here are some warning signs of head and neck cancer-

  • Painless red or white patch in the mouth
  • Change in voice
  • Sore throat
  • Painless lump in neck or mouth
  • Trouble in breathing, chewing or swallowing
  • Ear pain or loss of hearing, mainly in one ear
  • Frequent nosebleed, mostly on one side of the nose
  • Fatigue and sudden weight loss
  • Blood in saliva or phlegm

Besides, physical check-ups and tests are the best way to diagnose and confirm cancer. Thus, to ensure a better chance of your cure, seek a head and neck cancer expert.

warning signs of head and neck cancer
cancers are included in head and neck cancer

What cancers are included in head and neck cancer?

Head and neck cancer involves the mouth (lip and tongue), throat, and voice box cancers. Further, it includes the following types of cancers-

  • Lip and Oral cavity cancer
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Salivary gland cancer
  • Laryngeal cancer
  • Oro and Hypopharyngeal cancers
  • Naval cavity cancer
  • • Squamous cell neck cancer
  • Soft tissue tumor, etc.

Dr. Priya Tiwari has vast experience in handling various types of cancers. And she is among the top head and neck cancer specialists in Delhi. So, you can contact her right away for the best care and cure.

Are head and neck cancers curable?

Many head and neck cancers are curable. Also, early diagnosis and treatment can ensure recovery. Cancer of the head and neck can develop in several body parts, which are preventable. But, the advanced ones may be fatal or involve aggressive treatment. Or it may cause some functional disability. But, if you approach a leading head and neck cancer specialist in Delhi, you can get the best treatment. And you can get the best outcome and hope for a better recovery.

Where does neck cancer usually start?

Usually, the area inside your mouth, throat, and nose is the location where head and neck cancer can grow. And typically, neck cancer starts in the squamous cells that line the mucosal surfaces of the head and neck. So, if you notice any sudden and odd changes in your body, immediately seek medical help to avoid any severe concerns.

How can you detect neck cancer at home?

Here are some ways to detect neck cancer at home-

  • You can check whether there is any lump around your neck.
  • And check your tongue, cheek walls, lips, top & bottom of the mouth, and back of the throat in bright light.
  • Also, try to swallow by grabbing your gullet.

So, if any unusual issue persists longer than two weeks, then fix your meeting with the best head and neck cancer specialist in Delhi.

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Does head and neck cancer spread?

Head and neck cancer starts in the squamous cell. And it can further spread to the lymph nodes. So, this can cancer can spread and move from its original site to other areas around the head and neck. Also, it can grow by 1% each day. So, it would be best if you did not ignore any signs of sudden changes in your health or body. Immediately consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis of the disease. Also, it may require a biopsy and some other tests to know your exact condition. Thus, you should reach out to a specialist. Dr. Priya Tiwari is the best head and neck cancer surgeon in Delhi. Visit here for the world-class medical facility and treatment.

How dangerous is head and neck cancer?

Knowing about one's cancer is itself stressful. However, head and neck cancer are treatable when detected early. But, the cure and recovery differ for every patient. Some patients suffer from an advanced stage of the disease that may not be curable. Also, it may require advanced and strong treatment, which may leave the patient functionally disabled. The survival rate of this cancer depends on the patient's condition and other factors related to the disease. Besides, in most cases, the survival is around 6-15 months. Usually, head and neck cancers are curable with early diagnosis and on-time treatment.

Can head and neck cancer be hereditary?

Generally, the major cause of head and neck cancers are bad health and lifestyle adoption. Such as tobacco, secondhand smoking, and consuming alcohol frequently. Also, it may occur due to HPV, age, poor nutrition, weak immune system, history of this disease, etc. Some studies show that Head and neck cancers involve a complex genetic disorder. So, hereditary can be a cause of this disease. The specialist can better understand the actual cause and condition of your cancer. Also, you can consult Dr. Priya Tiwari, an experienced head and neck cancer surgeon in Delhi. She offers the best cure and targeted therapies effective in treating your cancer.

Does head and neck cancer affect the eyes?

There are various types of head and neck cancers. And one of all is nasal and paranasal cancer. It causes problems in your nose, eyes, mouth, and ears. So, with this type of head and neck cancer, you may face some issues. Like eye pain, watery eyes, vision loss, bulging in one eye, swelling in the eyes, and double vision. Also, radiation therapies and heavy medications may affect the eyes of patients with head and neck cancer.

Is stage 4 head and neck cancer curable?

Stage 4 head and neck cancer is the most advanced stage. So, it may have spread to nearby tissues and areas around the head and neck. Also, it can spread to other body parts like the lungs. Many patients won't survive with stage 4 cancer. And treatment aims to extend their survival. However, Dr. Priya Tiwari is a head and neck cancer specialist. And many of her patients are recovered with her medications, chemo, and radiation therapies. Not all cases are identical, and not every patient responds the same as others. So, it's better not to make your conclusion and go with what the doctor suggests.

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