Myths & Facts about cancer

Myths & Facts about cancer

Myth: Cancer is incurable
Fact: Cancer is curable if detected on time

Myth: Cancer spreads by contact
Fact: Cancer is not contagious

Myth: Cancer spreads by biopsy or by surgery
Fact: Usually employed biopsy technique and surgical methods are safe and do not spread cancer to other parts of the body

Myth: Eating sugars makes cancer worse
Fact: Eating sugars does not make cancer worse. Although there is data to show that cancer consumes more sugar, there is no evidence to show that eating less sugar will shrink cancer or make it disappear. Also, there is no evidence to show that eating sugar will cause faster progression or more relapses. Eating more sugar is not healthy for many other reasons and hence emphasis should be on a wholesome balanced diet.

Myth: Cell phones cause cancer
Fact: Cell phones emit low-frequency radiation which does not cause cancer

Myth: Does deodorant cause cancer
Fact: No, it does not, neither do antiperspirants

Myth: Drug companies, the government, and the medical establishment are hiding a cure for cancer
Fact: Nobody is hiding a cure for cancer. Cancer is a group of many disorders where cure is predominantly decided by the extent of diseases and subtype of cancer. There are many types of cancers that are completely curable, stage four or metastatic cancers are usually curable in a very small group of patients where the treatment aims at the prolongation of survival

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