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I would like to add my endorsement to the sentiments expressed in this short clip.
My wife Shobha was under treatment with Dr. Priya Tiwari. Unfortunately, by the time she was diagnosed with Cancer, it was already at the fourth stage and being metastatic had spread widely to other organs. After battling for over two years she sadly passed away last month. We had got in touch with Dr. Priya Tiwari when she was with Fortis and moved with her when she joined Artemis.
Besides being a bright and efficient doctor, she is an excellent human being and imparted a lot of comfort through her positivity and empathy. She was frank, honest and encouraged us to ask questions and become comfortable with the line of treatment. My wife relied on her implicitly and always came away with hope and determination after every consultation. Dr. Tiwari was available on short notice and completely understood the anxiety and fears of the family members and caretakers. Her assistant Mr. Abhishek Singh was also extremely courteous and helpful. Also, a special word of thanks to Sister Shanta Shreshta from her team. I wish Dr. Tiwari all success in her career and hope she carries on in the same spirit and graceful qualities of head and heart.
God bless. Om Shanti

Ranjan Bakshi

"Life puts us through storms so you can cherish the rainbow." Never deprive someone of hope, it may be the only thing that they have.
Dear Dr. Tiwari,
We were indeed fortunate that Noleen put us in touch with you. My daughter-in-law is very happy to be your patient and under your treatment. In today's world, you will find very few doctors who are compassionate and display empathy to the suffering. In our lines, we believed doctors were gifts from God to serve mankind. To be kind and humane are perhaps the greatest virtues a person can possess. I have only two children, my daughter is unmarried and my son's family is my dawn in the sunset years of my life . I am eighty-five and still on my feet. Please do all you can to get Yasmine well on the road to recovery. I cannot bear to lose her. My life has been a history of tragedies. She deserves better. She is loved and cherished by the family. People will forget what you said and did but they will never forget how you made them feel when their world came apart.
Warmest regards,

Rosie Singh

Dr. Priya has an edge with her supper strong counseling power. As a very scared and equally inquisitive attendant of a CNS lymphoma patient, she made me slide through the toughest times with comfortable ease. When the entire world told me that I may not get back my mother ailing with this life threatening disease, Dr Priya's knowledge,skill, experience, correct combination of medicines and consistent follow ups made my mom's treatment a success!! Salute to the woman power and I highly recommend Dr. Priya ma'am to all cancer patients

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Shuchi Chopra

I ‘m Brig. D K Singh age 65. I was diagnosed with urinary bladder cancer in 2018. I underwent radical cystectomy a major surgery where a part of my bladder was removed and my bladder was reconstructed. Thereafter my life returned to normal without the need for radiation and chemotherapy. Unfortunately in 2020, there was recurrence of my disease in the pelvic reason due to metastasis. Ihad to again undergo a major surgery for the resection of my tumor, but only 60% of my tumor could be removed. There were lots of complications after the surgery that lead to prolonged hospitalization. I was having constant pelvic pain and my health weaned. For my treatment thereafter we consulted Dr. Priya Tiwari Cancer Specialist at Artemis Hospital, Gurugram. Dr. Priya is an exceptional oncologist. Her reputation precedes her, and she has earned several accolades. In the first meeting itself we could feel that she is a very compassionate doctor and she is very committed to her patients. Her positive attitude gave us hope and resilience to fight these disease. Dr. Priya is very confident and steadfast in her treatment regime. She takes utmost care to explain the treatment regime to her patients and she believes in building comfortable relationship with her patients which helped in my mental health too. Whenever there were medical complications she patiently explain us everything and her guidance help us sail through. I was wheelchair bond, when I met Dr. Priya a year ago. Today my health has improved significantly, and I can drive once in a while and do my daily routine activities. Dr. Priya is god sent for me. I am grateful to Dr. Priya. She is a beacon of hope in these difficult times. I’m thankful to Dr.Priya for all the efforts she has put for us. She has given me a new lease of life. God Bless Dr. Priya.

Brig. D K Singh
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